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Monday, January 24th, 2011

My first days in Hawkers Market Girls Centre

A journey to a thousand miles must start with one step – that is what I did as I walked through the busy market of City Hawkers. I thought I was going to see a huge, beautiful building with so many students like other colleges. But my thoughts deceived me on 4th of January 2011 as I entered through the iron gates of Hawkers Market Girls Centre. I started worring myself with so many questionsin my head. What kind of lessons do they teach? What capacity of students can they accomodate? Do they have rules and regulations? Do they produce useful ladies out of us girls? My questions were answered later as I continued to stay in the centre.

As the say goes dont judge a book by its cover I decided to relax and wait to see if there will be any transformation. Wow! It was fun, fun and fun! Getting to meet and socialize with new faces who were to later become not only my classmates but also my sisters. I got to know where each of them came from and their background – this made me to respect and appreciate them even more.

Speaking of sisters I got an elder me. Miss Isabella was so different and welcoming. She was kind to us and made us feel at home and have a peaceful co-existence with the other girls. She took us around the school and showed us different places and the purpose they were serving. Isabella introduced us to breathing system where we relaxed our mind and felt relieved. I have never felt at peace with myself like that.

As the days went by in the first week it became more tiresome since we were not settled yet. We did a lot of washing and cleaning. We cleared the lockers, floors and dusted everywhere. We were taught to make brickets and the do’s and dont’s in the shamba (vegetable garden). What acutally gave me the heart to stay was the fact that i was learning useful things from the centre.

Towards the end of the week I learnt that we should take opportunities as they come and always be optimistic about what we have at hand. The Centre has given me knowledge and I am ready to learn more and more – so that I can help other people and serve my country. The first week was a blessing to me and I have been given the chance to meet with other girls who build me emotionally, spiritually, socially and physically.

Thanks to Hawkers Market Girls Centre for the good job the have done.

by Faith Opiyo

3 Responses to “My first days in Hawkers Market Girls Centre”

  1. shariffa says:

    Dear Faith,
    You are an inspiration to us all. You practise what you preach and have been a wonderful role model. Bravo.shariffa

  2. Shariffa says:

    Dear Faith,
    Continue to tell us about your progress you are an inspirTion to the other girls at HMGC

  3. Shariffa says:

    Dear Faith we are proud of your success. Glad HMGC gave you a lift. You have come to support us when Isabella our Centre Manager was on maternity leave.
    You are reaching out and giving back in the true spirit of Girl Guiding. Bravo to you. Keep your blog updated.

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