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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Briquette Making

Briquettes ready to dry

It was a long journey to know how to make briquettes because briquette is the mixture of broken charcoal, ash, water, and soil.  You store it all together and start rolling it with your own hands and make a circular shape.  After making it you leave it in the sun for some days to dry.

Briquettes are used for cooking which is used instead of charcoal and saves fuel.  Briquettes are more advanced because it saves money.  Sometimes it is mixed with just charcoal if you are in a hurry. When the briquette are hot  enough it can be cooked for a long time without going off and it has very strong heat.

1) Mix soil and ash

2) Mix with charcoal

3) Add water

4) Roll circular shapes

In our school we have been told by our teacher that a person must know today’s technology of saving fuel and minimizing the use of money.  I felt this is so advanced, even in our home we have told our family members that you can save more and our neighbors also asked us to teach them so that they can even save.  If we told the whole village and the country at large we could be very happy and we would know how to save instead of spending a lot of money purchasing charcoal.  People think if you don’t have money, one cannot cook until they get some money.  However, it is not like this because briquettes can help you to cook even I you don’t have some money to buy fuel.

By Winnie and Florence

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