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Monday, March 28th, 2011

Paper Beads Making

Ready paper bead necklagePaper beads are good when you make them.  They look very smart when you wear it around your neck, but to make them is so hard.

We learn to make them in the Centre and sell them to people like girls.  One can cost even 200 shillings.  So, if you know how to make them you can have some customers and customers can give special orders to you.

Moreover, when you want to know all about paper beads you should be keen while you are being taught and actually it’s very enjoyable and fantastic in other words:

cutted paper bead trianglesPaper beads are made from old magazines.
The thicker and longer the paper the thicker the bead.

Put the paper down on a flat surface and cut triangles out of the paper:

Mark points every 2 cm from a top corner of the paper and than repeat this from the bottom corner but start 1cm from the corner;
you will get a zigzaging block of triangles throughout the page;
cut them out and discard the uneven ones.

Rolling the paper beadApply a bit of glue to the pointy end of the triangle. Starting at the wide end to roll the triangle into a cylindrical bead shape. Make the spiral symmetric with the middle. You can use for eg. a toothpick to roll the triangles.
To protect the beads you can coat them with vanish.

After drying you can use the beads for jewellery.

By Belisha and Sheila

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