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Wednesday, April 20th, 2011


Ramoma is a place where art takes place and it is found in Parklands.  We visited Ramoma for the first time on the 20th of January.  Ramoma was written on the gate and there were some beautiful flowers made out of metal.  When the gate was opened, the place looked so amazing.  The plants outside Ramoma were very beautiful and were arranged in a very beautiful way.  Just before entering the door to Ramoma, we saw some reddish like fish and they were swimming on the water just before the entrance and outside there was a stone showing woman carrying a bucket.  Then we entered inside the building.  The place was so beautiful.  It was full of art work and there were even some handmade art made from rubber, papers, and other materials.
We were taken into the painting room.  There were so many brushes and colors and the drawings were so nice and bright.  We were introduced to two teachers and we were taught how to draw.  I would tell you that some of us were terrible, even when holding a pen while drawing.  They taught us how to hold a pen, how to make the image and to make each piece of drawing in its correct shape.  We drew a girl sitting in a chair and colored it.  After finishing drawing, I took a tour and saw some of the amazing art work.  They were made by different types of artists.  I loved Ramoma both in and out.  We spent the morning there and we went back to the Centre at noon.

The 17th of February, that was the day that we went back to Ramoma.  This time it was more fun because we drew a picture all of us together and they said that this picture brings us together as one.  This picture didn’t know any tribe; we brought our different thoughts together and made our picture.  Then we painted our picture and they took a photo of us working on it.  We closed the boundaries by painting all of the boundaries and we drew as one and as sisters too.  Art made us express ourselves on paper and when you are doing art you are always free to do anything and drawing anything that you want.

By Mary and Gladys

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