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Thursday, June 9th, 2011


First and foremost we deserve to say thank you very much to Teacher Dan, “coach” and Teacher Francis who has been training us through the sports which are cricket and yoga.

Through these activities we have confidence when saying we have really benefited since we started the sports because it has given us confidence and believe that we can participate in international sports with other colleagues.  The sports has also given each and every person the mode to enjoy a variety of stimulation.  In activities and challenges which encourage the individual to contribute to society because the games help us to exercise our bodies and also relax and settle our mind properly.

In sports we are also able to interrupt with other colleagues and became friends hence we are able to help each other to solve different problems.
It is also a reality to say we used to hear and see other people playing cricket, but now we are doing it practically realize it has a lot of good things which are not challenging like other games such as marathon running which make people tired.

On the other hand, we would like to talk about yoga which is a form of exercise where Teacher Francis has done his best improve our lifestyle.  It is also evidence to clarify that from the day we started yoga our bodies are now flexible where we can now walk for a long distance without tiring.  Yoga has also relaxed and refreshed our mind in large quantity.
Otherwise we are saying congratulations to Teacher Dan, Teacher Francis and the Board of HMGC for good work they have done onto us.  It is not a joke.  We are saying “Perfect”.

By Hellen and Lilian

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