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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Life Skills

Aha! You can bet me right that this is one splendid topic youngsters wouldn’t want to miss.  Why? Because it involves day to day social life; from relationships, sex, contraceptives, abortion, etc.  It is very vital and essential for youths to be well informed with these issues as it helps them deal with their emotions as they are growing up

Relationships are a wide topic on its own, but I’ll only look shallowly into it.  The first relationship is within yourself.  Are you in love with yourself? That’s a question you should ask yourself.  If it is yes, then you are lucky because I know your self esteem is high.  You have to appreciate and love yourself before you give yourself to the outside world to love you.

Secondly, the relationship with the opposite sex this is where tears are shed either from spasms of joy or pinch of pains.  It is so significant to choose your partner wisely if you have one.  Is he/she adding advantage or value to your life?  Does he/she respect and obey your decisions? Is he/she loving and trustworthy? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right relationship I can say.

Majority believe that sex is a MUST factor in a relationship, but NO! It isn’t.  The best way is to abstain and respect your body.  If he is too demanding you have to walk out in that relationship for it is abusive.  Though, I know to some youths this is like slapping them hard on their cheeks that is they can’t abstain.  If you can’t control yourself and you find it hard to control your emotions then use contraceptive like condoms which will not only keep you safe, but also protect you from STDs.  I repeat the best option is to ABSTAIN.

As I pen down to my conclusion, I will advice the youths to always seek help from trusted Councilors whenever they need matters about relationships to be clarified to them.  As I said earlier, this is a wide topic, but I’ve just passed through a small part of relationships.

By Faith and Telesia

One Response to “Life Skills”

  1. Shariffa says:

    Thank you Faith and Telestia. Indeed making an informed decision is the only way to respect yourself and to enhance self esteem.
    Dana Notingham has taken the HMGC girls through a course in self defence. Bravo for coming from the U.S. And making a difference for us and the Kangemi Resourse Centre under Alix D’asemborg.
    President Obama is in town, as he says WE CAN DO It !
    Yes we can

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