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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Solar Cooking

This is a kind of cooking technique which involves a solar cooker, the sun, a black pot, an aluminum foil and three small stones.  The sun is used as a source of fuel.
The solar cooker is a box-like object made of wood with a lid-which is also wooden.  The inside part is covered with a black metallic material with three stones placed on it.  This helps to absorb the heat energy from the sun after reflection.  This energy is used to cook the contents in the black pot inside.
The lid is covered with an aluminum foil or a shiny material.  This helps to reflect the sun rays when hit by the sun into the inner black pot.
The space between the lid and the inner hollow part is covered with a special kind of a glass which is transparent.  This helps the reflected rays from the lid to pass through into the inner black surface where the rays are converted into heat energy which enables the cooking.
At one side of the object, a stick is placed to support the lid to remain slanted.  The position of the lid enables the sun rays to hit the aluminum foil which are reflected into the inner black surface.
This method of cooking is economical since no charcoal is used.  This ensures conservation of our forests which helps in attraction of the rains.
It is also cheap since anyone can use it regardless of his/her financial status, as long as there is availability of sunlight.
This method is also environmentally friendly since no smoke is released into the environment.  It is also affordable (.e. not expensive).
However, this method is not applicable during rainy seasons or cloudy days because it depends on the availability of sunlight.
This method cannot be used in cooking hard foods like meat, since the heat produced is not enough for such food.  It is however suitable for boiling water for drinking.

By Yvonne Matheka and Yvonne Achien’g

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