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Friday, November 12th, 2010

Susan Wairimu’s Story

My name is Susan Wairimu. I live in Huruma Estate in an area called Sonckon near Mathare Slum. In the year 2008, I finished form four in Gilcindi Girls Secondary School. In secondary school I enjoyed many things but mostly the drama festivals. Unfortunately, I had a hard time with my education in school because since I had trouble paying my school fees, I was sent home a lot and when I would be able to go back to school, I would have trouble catching up with the work.  After I finished form four, I stayed home for a whole year helping my mom sell second hand clothes.
In February of this year, I met a man named Irungu and through his programme called RYP (Reality Youth Programme) he introduced me to the Hawkers Market Girls Centre. Since I arrived here I have learnt so much. I learnt cooking, beadwork, recycling of polythene bags and how to make great mushrooms.  Girl guiding has taught me a lot as well including how to work together with others in unity.
When I first arrived at the Hawkers Market Girls Centre I felt very happy because I realised I have hope in life because I can now get an education and make it someone in life. This centre has helped me discover my potential.
God willing, after I leave this centre, I will take a hair dressing course and then find a job at a professional salon. After wards, I would like to start my own salon because I want to be independent. If I could have one wish it would be that all girls could have great opportunities in life.

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  1. Simon Mwathi says:

    Susan, I wish you the best in all and may our good God the father of Jesus Christ our saviour be with you.

    Kind Regards,


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